Music Give Life is a host website set up to facilitate bringing music performance and music education  into  community organisations worldwide

We aim to provide opportunities for musicians and groups of musicians to share music in positive and life giving ways with each other and with others . We provide programmes for communities to gain access to cultural music through training, education and fundraising. We also provide access to music for communities seeking healing and comfort in times of family illnesses or family tragedy.

Let the transforming power of music bring joy and wellness to your community today.

Instruments for Ethiopia

leltlogoIn conjuction with the LELT Foundation Music Give Life is running a programme to support at risk kids in Kara Kore Ethiopia with traditional instruments and teachers to instruct them. This project started in July 2015 and continues with the support of Aussie donors.

To donate and get involved go here for more info and our official donation receiver GoFundMe campaign.


  • To see our programme host organisation the LELT Foundation go here

Instruments for the outback

fullsizerenderMusic Give Life is currently hosting a new initiative aiming at providing musical instruments and music education in remote communities across the Northern Territory of Australia.

To get involved and donate to this initiative take the link below to our brand new GoFundMe Campaign.


Instruments For the Outback is an initiative providing access to musical instruments and music education for indigenous young people in outback Australia.

In May 2017 we’re taking a team of professional musicians to run music workshops in remote areas of the Northern Territory. This initiative aims to develop the skills of young indigenous musicians by providing opportunities to record, perform and to be mentored by music professionals.

We’re about changing lives through music. We’ll be resourcing isolated communities that have little or no access to musical instruments with equipment and music education in an ongoing relationship that will give indigenous children the opportunity to connect and grow through the gift of music.

Instruments for the out back is proudly supported by the following organisations.